Elizabeth N. Spire

Privately educated and apparently brought up to be a nice young lady, Elizabeth found she just never fit the stereotype, however thanks to a chance encounter at a reasonably young age with just the right sort of young man, she found out that she was not alone in feeling this way. In fact she soon found out that she was exactly the stuff of dreams, yep, you know the type!

Elizabeth's most interesting and educational of beginnings has over the years blossomed and broadened, as has her understanding of life and sexuality in general. This of course has been greatly aided by her favourite man and their joint interest in the Tantric side of things.

Still shorter than average, curvaceous and fun loving, Elizabeth enjoys life to the full; well with such a wicked imagination there's never a dull moment!

Her motto and the credo by which she has lived her life is: 'be unique and true to yourself'.

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